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Your FREE “Instant Calm” Session is included at the bottom of this page (in both streaming video and downloadable audio form).

However, before we get to that, let’s talk specifically about the stress you’re experiencing in your life (based on your quiz responses).

There are two main ways we can deal with stress:

  1. We can “lighten the load”…
  2. We can “strengthen the back” (so that the very same load suddenly seems a lot lighter).

While trying to “lighten the load” (reducing or avoiding stress) is typically the main strategy promoted in mainstream circles… “strengthening the back” is usually a much more effective long-term strategy.


Because, as the research clearly shows...

A meaningful, successful life, is rarely a stress-free life.

In fact, the most important and rewarding aspects of life almost inevitably involve periods where we have to face new challenges and potential stressors.

For example, consider some of the potential challenges AND the deep, meaningful rewards that so often arise when we pursue our dreams in these life areas:

  • Dating, romantic relationships, marriage…
  • Being a parent…
  • Studying, exams, pursuing career or business goals…
  • Taking risks to grow as a person, personally or professionally…
  • Being an amazing source of support for friends and family members who are going through their own big challenges, etc…

A life of meaning will always involve a certain degree of stress. And if we CONSISTENTLY focus on trying to avoid stress at all costs… then it almost certainly means we’re sacrificing the full pursuit of a life with deep meaning, fulfilment, and contribution to others, in the process.

This is why we need to go...

Far Beyond Just “Stress Reduction” Strategies.

It's great to “lighten the emotional load” stress can bring (and I will give you the most powerful tools available for that, in this “Instant Calm” series)... but, more importantly, we want to help you “strengthen your back”.

With a stronger back, so to speak, you'll be able to pursue your dreams and live your life full-out... being far better able to carry loads that would have seemed heavy in the past, but feel so much lighter and easier instead.

How To Get The Best Results From This First “Instant Calm” Session, Given Your Quiz Responses

This first introductory “Instant Calm” session I’m giving you here, gives you a way to instantly and profoundly calm your mind and body—and find greater peace, calm and tranquility—anytime you want.

By listening to it, we’ll be “lightening the load” from within, by giving you calm and a soothing respite from any stress or anxiety you’ve been experiencing.

On top of this, the regular use of this “Instant Calm” session can begin to help you strengthen your “back” too.

Let me quickly explain...

Richard Dienstbier (a Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Nebraska) is a pioneer in stress-research and a relatively unknown phenomenon called “physiological toughness”.

Dienstbier has shown that when stressful experiences are followed by sufficient recovery, it increases the likelihood that you’ll have greater physiological and emotional stability and performance, in future similar events.

In short, Dienstbier's research has shown us that...

Although chronic stress can make us weaker… when stress is followed by sufficient recovery, it can make us physiologically and psychologically STRONGER (even when compared to if we had had no stress at all).

There are obviously many things that can help us recover from stressful life events including:

  • Spending time with friends and loved ones - Social connection with people we feel safe with, and loved by, is particularly powerful. Social connection with friends and loved ones provides MORE than just psychological calming and support, it also physiologically changes our bodies too—strengthening a neurological system that buffers against stress.
  • Exercise - The research is overwhelming: for most people, exercise is at least as good as anti-depressant medication for relieving depression, without the side-effects. It can make us psychologically tougher… and it’s a powerful stress-reliever, amongst having many other well-known benefits.
  • Following your hobbies and passions without distractions or multi-tasking - Multi-tasking can slow or hinder recovery, so turn your work phone off, or leave it at home when you're in pure relaxation mode!
  • Contributing to and helping others - Charity work / volunteering not only brings tremendous meaning but can also give us the wonderful gift of remembering that, despite our challenges, we’re always FAR better off than many other people in the world.
  • Connecting with animals and nature - There is an entire field of scientific study into the effects our environments have on us physiologically and psychologically, and it’s abundantly clear that the psychological and physiological benefits of connecting with animals and nature, is profound.
  • “Play” - Something which adults can do too!
  • And, on top of all this, even though this free session is just an introductory session...

You Can Use This Free Session, Regularly, To Quickly Recover From The Stress Of The Day... Even In The Midst Of A Busy Schedule.

Even in the busiest of days, you might not have time for much else, but if you can't get to sleep because of a racing mind... then listen to this “Instant Calm” session in bed to calm your mind and body while you drift off to sleep.

The Rest Of The “Instant Calm” Series

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate after listening, this session has been a labour of love and has taken a tremendous amount of time to create (for both myself AND my amazing music and audio team, who, collectively, have worked with some of the best artists in the world—including Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Coldplay).

I’m currently working hard on the rest of the “Instant Calm & Automatic Change” series which obviously goes MUCH deeper into helping you than this introductory session could. While there is a lot more work to be done, I’ll be sure to let you know when I release more sessions.

I hope you enjoy this unique audio experience and the calm it brings you.



P.S. If you’d like my private 1-on-1 help with any issue or challenge you have (relating to stress or not), you can reach me by email here ( Life is too short to suffer alone, especially given you and I can make huge changes in your life in a session or two over Skype. So if you've been struggling with anything, I'd love to help you personally...

Your Free “Instant Calm” Session For Calming Stress

A Unique, Science-Based, Deep Relaxation Experience For Instant Calm From Stress, Anxiety, and Worry…

This is the first session of my upcoming “Instant Calm & Automatic Change” series.

Each session in this Instant Calm series is designed to automatically ‘wire’ greater calm, happiness, and success into your brain and life.

This first introductory session, here, has two very simple goals:

  • FIRST to give you a way to instantly and profoundly calm your mind and body, anytime you want.
  • And... SECONDLY to start the process of automatically spreading greater calm throughout your life.

    How To Use This Session

    1. Settle back in a place where you won’t be disturbed…
    2. Put on a pair of STEREO headphones (this is a unique 3D stereo audio-odyssey, so you’ll want to listen in stereo. Obviously the better the quality of the headphones, the better the experience)…
    3. Close your eyes and follow along.

    Two Important Notes

    1. Since this is a deep relaxation session, please do NOT listen to this session while driving or doing anything else that requires your full attention.
    2. Also, please give yourself adequate time to fully re-orient yourself afterwards. (Or alternatively, if you’re listening at night, you can just fall asleep after you finish).

OPTION #1: Listen immediately without having to download anything...

OPTION #2:  Download an MP3 version you can listen to offline...