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Your FREE “Instant Calm” Session is included at the bottom of this page (in both streaming video and downloadable audio form).

However, before we get to that, let’s talk specifically about the panic attacks you’ve been experiencing (based on your quiz responses).

As a scientist and anxiety specialist (and as someone who knows what a panic attack FEELS LIKE first hand), I know both personally and professionally all about the terror panic attacks can bring.

Panic attacks shake people to the core.

They’re one of the most horrible experiences anyone could EVER go through.

They’re exhausting and depressing.

They can make us feel completely isolated and alone.

And they can create a fear that we’ll never be normal again.

The good news, though, is that there’s a LOT we can do to quickly help you.

How To Quickly End Your Panic Attacks For Good

  1. Watch my free “Panic Free TV” series, starting with Episode 1 here (the next episode will be emailed to you)
  2. Or if you’d like my best help ending your panic attacks for good (including 1-on-1 email access to me for advice), you can try my “Panic Free” program for just $1

Your Free “Instant Calm” Session For Calming Anxiety

A Unique, Science-Based, Deep Relaxation Experience For Instant Calm From Anxiety, Stress and Worry…

This is the first session of my upcoming “Instant Calm & Automatic Change” series.

Each session in this Instant Calm series is designed to automatically ‘wire’ greater calm, happiness, and success into your brain and life.

This first introductory session, here, has two very simple goals:

  • FIRSTLY... to give you a way to instantly and profoundly calm your mind and body from any stress you've had, anytime you want.
  • And... SECONDLY... to start the process of automatically spreading greater calm and relaxation throughout your life.

    How To Use This Session

    1. Settle back in a place where you won’t be disturbed…
    2. Put on a pair of STEREO headphones (this is a unique 3D stereo audio-odyssey, so you’ll want to listen in stereo. Obviously the better the quality of the headphones, the better the experience)…
    3. Close your eyes and follow along.

    When To Use This Session

    You can use this session:

    • Anytime you'd like to ease a generalised sense of anxiety...
    • Anytime you'd like to calm your body...
    • Anytime you need to relax or de-stress...
    • Anytime you just want a pleasurable break from your day...
    • Anytime you'd like help falling asleep (whether before bed, or if you wake up in the middle of the night)...

    Please note: While this “Instant Calm” session has been designed to give you instant calm from stress, worry and anxiety, it has NOT been designed to help stop panic attacks (panic and anxiety are different phenomena, with different psychological and physiological processes).

    What This Session Won’t Do For You

    • While this “Instant Calm” session has been designed to give you instant calm from stress, worry and anxiety, it has NOT been designed to help stop panic attacks (panic and anxiety are different phenomena, with different psychological and physiological processes).
    • Obviously, this session WON’T fix any external real-life events which may have been triggering your anxiety. (When anxiety is a real signal, the best antidote is usually to take intelligent action. E.g. finally doing your tax return, studying for that important exam, or having an important conversation with your boss or partner).
    • This “Instant Calm” session is NOT designed to resolve specific anxiety issues such as PTSD, OCD, social anxiety, public speaking anxiety, etc. (However, if you have any issue you'd like my personal help with, please contact me at support at for details about how we can setup a 1-on-1 Skype session).

    Two Important Notes

    1. Since this is a deep relaxation session, please do NOT listen to this session while driving or doing anything else that requires your full attention.
    2. Also, please give yourself adequate time to fully re-orient yourself afterwards. (Or alternatively, if you’re listening at night, you can just fall asleep after you finish).

The Rest Of The “Instant Calm” Series

As I’m sure you’ll appreciate after listening, this session has been a labour of love and has taken a tremendous amount of time to create (from both myself AND my amazing music and audio team, who, collectively, have worked with some of the best artists in the world—including Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, and Coldplay).

I’m currently working hard on the rest of the “Instant Calm & Automatic Change” series which obviously goes MUCH deeper into helping you than this introductory session could. While there is a lot more work to be done, I’ll be sure to let you know when I release more sessions.

I hope you enjoy this unique audio experience (below) and the calm it brings you.



P.S. If you’d like my private 1-on-1 help with any issue or challenge you have (relating to stress or not)… you can reach me by email here ( Life is too short to suffer alone, especially given you and I can make huge changes in your life in a session or two over Skype. So if you've been struggling with anything, I'd love to help you personally...

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